Maharahstra Mandal (Singapore) is committed to the cause of Marathi language and culture. And what best to further it than our Literature?

We run four initiatives that help cultivate Marathi language among members.

Shabdagandha - शब्दगंध

Rutugandha - ऋतुगंध

Marathi Library - ग्रंथालय

Marathi Shala - हसत खेळत मराठी

We also have an active music group called Swaragandha and stage various music concerts as a part of it. A music album of one of our concerts is available to purchase here.

Every Ganesh Festival, we release our Annual Souvenir Magazine Smaranika which gives updates of our activities in the last year and carries original unpublished literature of our members. Do read last year's Smaranika here.

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